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    Create a sustainable future

    With the changing climate, we explore the external environment of buildings in order to better adapt to the environment.

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    A Better Future for Cities

    A city makes life better. We are creating a better life with thousands of owners with full enthusiasm.

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    Exploration and practice of green building

    Our research on green building has been expanded from the original building facade design to environmental assessment and overall planning.

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    People-oriented architecture

    On the premise of ensuring the safety and durability of buildings, we integrate the facade, space combination and natural environment.

  • Create a sustainable future

  • A Better Future for Cities

  • Exploration and practice of green building

  • People-oriented architecture

Beauty is happening

Employees are the foundation of our difference

FORCITIS is shared by partners who continue to struggle and create real value. We hope to mobilize all members of the organization to build a beautiful FORCITIS together and create value for customers, employees and the city. Welcome to join us!